Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My review of the book Myth of an Afterlife

I have come across this book by authors Keith Augustine and the late Michael Martin. The book argues that the mind is completely dependent on the brain. Therefore, when the brain dies the mind dies. This is just a partial review of the book as it would take a lot of time to review this book and it's because it's a lot of the same stuff that dualist's already know about. I would just like to refute certain things that have taken my attention. One of the argument's in the book comes from the physics part of it. That it violates known physical laws however those laws are often violated regularly. The problems with the casual closure argument is that number one it has never been shown to be scientifically true. Number two a lot of scientists disagree with this argument and state the universe is actually open. Keith Augustine obviously has no clue what substance dualism actually entails. My view of the soul is that it's an etheric like substance that is made up of a different kind of matter. This etheric body vibrates at a higher frequency than normal matter.

The etheric body (soul) does not get effected by just things as brain damage only the the mind which is largely information based. The split brain experiments doesn't help Keith's case whatsoever as the recent data show no split consciousnesses. On top of that Multiple Personality disorder has been largely discredited.

What is in question is the degree of the dependency between mind and brain. It doesn't seem as strong as what many of the scientists let on it is. Keith also mentions in the book if the brain is a mere receiver of the mind then why is the brain so complexed?. Has Keith ever heard of the view of a complex receiver. If the brain is a producer or generator of the mind/consciousness than it would equally have to be complexed to do that as well. What evidence Keith states would show that substance dualism is probably false?. I have actually mentioned that strong AI would deliver such strong evidence as how could are mind and consciousness be replicated in a machine if it's destined to go to the afterlife?. However, unfortunately for Keith, Strong AI is looking less and less likely as more and more false predictions come out about when it will happen. So we keep moving forward in time making it less likely. Keith just uses excuses as to why the evidence for an afterlife doesn't work. He is fixated on an agenda to push his view along with the authors and scientists in this book without giving a neutral view on this subject which is rightfully deserves. No dualist denies the fact of interaction between the mind and brain, their is no one way casual street however like Keith Augustine would like readers to believe. Instead we have strong evidence that the mind can also effect the brain.

One of the evidence's that Materialist's use as evidence for dependency of the mind and brain. Is that bigger brains make better minds. That however is not true instead often brain size has nothing to do with intelligence which is one of the key aspect of the mind. If the production theory was true you would actually expect bigger brains to make better minds that is not the case. I know many people with smaller brains than some of my other friends who have bigger brains but those friends of mine with the smaller brains actually are smarter than them they have a high IQ. Another evidence that materialist use is that when the brain is damage the mind is also damaged this is the other line of evidence in favored of dependency we are told. Unlike materialist's though we jump to the conclusion that mind is damaged when the brain is. Instead we point out to the fact that their is a strong correlation between the brain and the mind. However that doesn't lead to the conclusion that the brain causes the mind.

There is two compelling reasons putting instead the evidence for survival and psi phenomenon for a second why it's actually not logical to think that the mind/consciousness must cease to exist when the brain/body does.

1. All physical things are subject to death no other way around that. However, consciousness is largely subjective, we know of nothing else that is subjective in nature. How can something that is largely subjective die?. This in of itself would strongly argue for the existence of an afterlife.

2. If their is no end or beginning to the universe and it's like the cyclic model than eventually you would exist again somewhere's in the the universe.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year!

I hope your Christmas and New Years was great. Mine wasn't too bad we almost lost our power a couple of times it was blinking but luckily we didn't lose it. We had an ice storm at Christmas yeah it wasn't too good.Suppose to have another bad storm tomorrow this one they are referring to like its a winter hurricane. Yeah suppose to have very strong winds again. I got plenty of stuff for Christmas such as a brand new cd player, t-shirts, sleep pants, wrestling figures that I collect among other things. I did not make any New Years resolutions because I believe that a lot of people make unrealistic goals they cannot possibly achieve. I do the same, they say just make small goals instead yeah but much easier said then done. It's hard to believe it's another new year it just seemed like 2017 was here.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How my Surgery went with my Wisdom Teeth

Well here it is. They did an x-ray on me because the guys in New Glasgow lost it. It only showed one impacted wisdom tooth and the other three were removed too while the other x-ray showed two impacted wisdom teeth. They gave me a iv sedation I don't think I was fully sedated as I was able to feel what they were doing. I know I should of said something I am just glad it's over with. The worse part was the gauze part. Swallowing my own blood which made me throw up some in the backseat of my sister's car in a sobeys bag. I was in pain for about four days then the pain subsided.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Wisdom Teeth update and a little rant

Well, I went to Doctor's office all my blood work is perfect!. That is good news knowing that I am still waiting on getting all four of my wisdom teeth out. I got to get it down to Fall River Nova Scotia that is located in Halifax. There is a doctor there that does a lot of different operations. The way my wisdom teeth grew in they are right near the bones in my mouth. So more caution has to be taken. They will put me to sleep with a sedative and there will be a lot of cutting involved. My blood platelets were low before under 50,000 now they are up to 140,000 which is good. I will most likely have more blood work to get done there in Halifax before they do the operation. So my doctor wrote a letter to my employment worker stating I will be taking a leave of absence for awhile because of my operation. I will most likely not be on my feet for awhile after that.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of friends I know from High School getting married and having kids. I am very happy for them. Big life changing moments for sure. I am not the selfish type so I don't think why can that be me?. As I am getting older myself I often think about those things. I know that if a person was to get married with another person. Make sure that you really love them. Also, do you see yourself with the person you love let's say for 5 years? 10 years? etc. If you don't maybe you should think about marrying them first. Plus, you have to be really really sure that you love them with all your heart. I am sorry about the rant but I do have a lot on my mind. I may go for a walk later. As it is nice outside and I like the cooler weather better than the hot humid sticky weather. I am going to watch WWE Monday Night Raw tonight.

Monday, August 21, 2017

WWE Summerslam 2017 results

Here we go and here are the results for WWE Summerslam 2017

1. Aj styles v.s Kevin Owens with special referee Shane McMahon- Winner Aj Styles
2. WWE Smackdown Womens Championship match Naomi (c) v.s Natayla- Winner and new Womens championship Natayla
3. John Cena v.s Baron Corbin- Winner John Cena
4. The Big show v.s Big Cass with Enzo Amore in a sharktank- Winner Big Cass
5. Randy Orton v.s Rusev- Winner Randy Orton
6. WWE Raw Womens Championship match Alexa Bliss (c) v.s Sasha Banks- Winner and the new Womens championship Sasha Banks
7. WWE Raw tag team championship match Sheamus and Cesaro (c) v.s Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins- Winners and the new Raw WWE tag team champions Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins
8. Demon King Finn Balor v.s Bray Wyatt- Winner Demon King Finn Balor
9. WWE Smackdown Championship title match- Jinder Mahal (c) v.s Shinsuke Nakamura- Winner and still WWE Smackdown Championship Jinder Mahal
10. WWE Raw Championship title match- Fatal four way match- Braun Strowman v.s Brock Lesnar (c) v.s Roman Reigns v.s Samoa Joe- Winner and still the WWE Raw Champion Brock Lesnar.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Having my Wisdom teeth removed

Well soon I will have all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I recently went to the dentist and I had an x-ray done to my teeth as my teeth were hurting. The x-ray revealed that two of my wisdom teeth are pushing against my other teeth (Impacted Wisdom Teeth).

The dentist told me it would be better to have all my wisdom teeth removed. So I am now waiting to receive my bill in the mail to see how much it will cost me. I am on MSI, I believe they pay like 80 percent and I pay 20 percent. However, they may pay the entire bill as it's considered to be a major health hazard. There is a lot of things on my mind lately that is just one of them another is the fact that my sister and her husband are wanting me and my mother to move very close to Ottawa Ontario with them next summer. I think we will as their is no jobs in this small town. The economy is much better there as well as their is a lot of things to do there too.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Yes Critical Thinking is Important!

Materialists often state that supporters of Psi Phenomenon and and Afterlife among other things lacked critical thinking skills. That is an easy statement to make without actually backing it up. A lot of Psychical researchers for example didn't go into examining the paranormal to prove it's existence. Far from it they actually wanted to show that all these people who claim they are able to communicate with spirits for example were frauds and delusional. However, that is not how things went down, instead one by one they became convinced of the reality of an afterlife and psi phenomenon. They carefully controlled for all variables and exhausted all regular normal explanations for such purported phenomenon. Fraud is an easy charge to make because it's something you cannot 100 percent disprove. That is why Skeptics often make a charge such as this. You never hear supporters such as me and others for an afterlife etc"} make a statement that Materialist's don't use critical thinking. That is because we aren't as destructive as they are. That doesn't mean however that supporter's of an afterlife and other such things don't get defensive. They do, we all do. It's human nature, however when someone resorts to physiological attacks on one's frame of mind by saying oh there is something really mentally wrong with that person. Well, that is when it's going too far.

Side note: As you know I live in Canada and we are celebrating Canada's 150 birthday and I just want to say I am thankful for living in Canada. There is a lot to be thankful for and proud of. We are an amazing country.